B&W Color!

My issue between color versus B&W has been huge! I've realized that in the past couple of months I haven't shot any Black and White photos. These two were the first serious photos I took. It was 1994 and my father gave me his Nikon F. Amazing camera. I had just enrolled at SCI-Arc and we had this photography assignment: double exposure shots. The problem though was that I never used the camera before and...I didn't really speak a word of english! Thank god there were amazing people who helped me out (thank you Mick!!!). The shots came out pretty good in my opinion. So, I got so fascinated with photography that I kept doing it. Always with manual cameras. Always black and white. Then, all my friends got into the digital world. But me. And my friend Efrem. We kept going with our manual machines. Then, 2 months ago I gave up! I bought a digital Sony camera. Fabulous! I started shooting like a maniac. Everything. Almost all my posts are with photos I shot. The funny thing is that for some reasons black and white has disappeared. I am not sure why. With my manual camera it was so amazing shooting B&W that capturing colors wasn't really an issue. Now, with me entering the digital world the situation has reversed. Maybe it is the camera, maybe it's just a state of mind!