Rice & Memories

This set of photos brought up couple of interesting issues! Since it is quite strange for some that even here in the land of chocolate we cultivate rice, in fact we actually do! And I never expected that some of the one I am eating is from a land next door. So, since I grabbed some of it I decided to extract some of its beauty before it gets cleaned and processed for culinary use. I took a piece of paper with words on it. So, while I am shooting these pictures my mother asks me "do you know what that paper is?" Obviously I didn't even look, I just thought it was a nice old piece of papers with words on it. "We wrote that in 1971, me and your father, while eating. It was sort of a list of what we owned back then". A memory of what rice looks before getting processed overlaid over the memory of family possessions! Now they are captured in one thing!