Doctor's waiting room

I didn't hear the alarm this morning! I woke up 10 minutes before my doctor appointment! My cough isn't going away! Tired as a truffle's dog after an entire day of search, I had to get ready and go. I finally made it on time although there was so much traffic like I was on the Champs Elysées! I walked in the empty waiting room and the first thing I see is a screen telling me : "do you feel the strong urge to often urinate? Do you?". I turned around but the assistant already closed the door. "Discuss with your doctor if you have the need to urinate too much. You can have a serious disease". I sit down trying not to look at the screen since I am tired and annoyied. "Do you smoke and can't quit? You'll never make it alone. Call a specialist for help". I am trying to quit since a long time. My waiting isn't over: "Are you overweight and have a high colesterole? Be careful. You are at risk to have a heart attack". And the last one: a very beautiful Golden Delicious appears on screen. I have always had a problem with Golden Delicious apples. Who decided that they are in fact delicious?? Anyway: "Eat healthy. People who do not eat healthy are statistically dying sooner than the other". I just have an horrible cough and suddently I am the target of all these health issues! Finally the door opens, the doctor comes in "ciao Lily How are you?". The first thing that came out of my mouth " are you completely insane of showing these things so early in the morning??". "It's the new thing of the health insurances...they put these machines in every doctors offices"...that sucks!!! Now I am thinking about health...I think I am going to eat a Kebab for lunch but right now I go on a break with a coffeee and a cigarette!!!