VW, Hyperreality, Postmodernity, Simulation and Sloopy's

I am laughing by myself! My mind went back in 1995, Los Angeles California. I bought the crappiest VW Rabbit existing in Southern California. It was red and all broken up but it was THE deal. I didn't drive it for a long time since it had a terminal disease and I was able to sell it for more than it was worthed clearly shutting up my mouth about its imminent death! But I had funny experiences driving around the coast. Especially with my dearest friend Rob. He once gave me a book called "Travels in Hyperreality". A book-essay written by Umberto Eco. I remember being new to all those terms such as hyperreal, simulation and simulacra, and we would just drive around and talk about it for hours. About all the examples he talked about in his essay: about Las Vegas being a simulated city (and then eventually go there and discuss about it), about the Madonna Inn, known as the kitschest hotel on earth. The best example though of hyperreal: each room representing a place, a simulation of a place...whatever room you chose you'll find yourself in the jungle, in the desert, even in portugal...but you are in San Luis Obispo yet you have the feeling of being somewhere totally different. Then my dear VW would take us to the beach and we would go in the nicest place on earth to eat: Sloopy's in Manhattan beach! What a wonderful place! In there too you would find yourself projected into an almost surreal place! Why am I thinking about my old Rabbit and postmodernity?? simply because I bought a new VW, not a rabbit and while waiting for it I cherish those old good times!


October 16, 2008 at 7:50 PM Etienne de Bary said...

i like the top one very much, car mirror ?