Cities, sTREEts and neighborhoods

Nature is fascinating. Yet annoying! Automn has come and trees, not caring about order, just drop their leaves on the ground. Some of them don't and simply change their colors creating around us an enormous colorful ephemeral canvas that remains there only for some time, until winter comes and everything becomes white. At least I hope so...I really have the need to go ski soon! While picking up all the dead leaves on the ground I found this one. Not only is it dead, but it also lost its skin. Something interesting appears. Its internal structure is a city. Is it? Streets, avenues, neighborhoods, empty spaces. It's like an urban map. Beautiful nature. Something dies and something else has the chance to grow. Our creativity? Our imagination? I kept the leaf and brought it inside to photograph it, while the garden remains there, covered with colorful natural death. I hope the wind will come and just sweap it all away!


October 21, 2008 at 12:35 PM Eruner said...

Che peccato non leggere l'inglese (se non a spizzichi e tirando ad indovinare).
Però mi pare che, in quanto a poesia, mi batti alla grande :)