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Urban Art Composition

Intermezzo à pois!


Out of Focus

Out of Focus

A photo that's totally messed up! Completely out of focus. Yet it is very clear. Defined colors, perceptile form[s]. A very elegant and precise flower in reality. A strange, yet fascinating natural detail framed by the eye of a moving camera. Sometimes messing up ain't such a bad thing!! Photo by lilypenelope

Branched Windows

Branched Windows

Outside from a window all I can see are other windows. Openings. Frames to/for the outside world. Double voyeurism? Hidden behind a tree we look. We dream. Our own thoughts. Our own feelings are framed. Into the window of the unconscious. Photo by lilypenelope



Everyday a little more. The flower keeps growing. Rising from the vase into a new state. Into a new form. Photos by lilypenelope

A Stroll through an Imaginary City

A planned city. Streets, boardwalks, lines, crossroads, buildings and numbers. I wasn't sure where the original old city centre was so, I started walking on "Main Street". A Post Office. A Newstand. A Starbucks. A restaurant owned by an italian family from the neighborhood. A park where young and old people were spending their beautiful saturday afternoon. Yet something was missing. Where were all the stores I remembered being there once? Probably moved to the suburbs. New structures have appeared. And many other left to their own destiny. New and decay. Gentrification and sprawl. Traffic. Yet I found human presence. Man made structures. Geometry and well thought out plans. Where am I going? Where is urbanism going? Photos by lilypenelope

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stroll 5

Who - Where [are you] ?


Who are you? Where are you? What's your [hi]-story? I'm looking at you from above. The sky flaneur. And I'm wondering. And my mind is wandering. Where are you going? Towards the future? Back in the past? Or are you simply stucked in this present? Photo by lilypenelope

Water is the solution!


It seems I can't take care of nature in my apartment. Too much water, no water at all, it would be much easier if plants would just talk to me and tell me when they are thirsty. So, I decided to give it a last try!!! And I got smarter... I bought an aquarium plant...always under water!! It actually looks great. It changes color with the reflection of the sun. Now let's start long will this one survive?? Photos by lilypenelope

Pont Neuf


I kept walking as the night followed me like it was my own shadow. I stopped, admiring the beauty of history reflected on the dark water. Then I saw it, the sign. Pont Neuf was right in front of me. My memory flew back in time. When I fell in love. I started dreaming, imagining, improvising new thoughts. That's when a strange sound hit me. Was somebody following me? Or was it simply the sound of the night with is dark presence, kidnapping my soul? Photo by lilypenelope

"Detail-les" - Details from Versailles

Inside the Versailles Palace. Beautifully adorned. Maybe too much. Thinking about the inner reality. Keeping in mind the outer one. Rich vs poor. Kingdoms vs. humanity. Details. Beautiful colors, incredible works of art. Yet keeping in mind what happend outside this realm. Photos by lilypenelope

ver14 copy

The Subversion of Images


"The Subversion of Images" as the title of the exhibition I saw at the Centre Pompidou. In this photo just a subversion of an image! Image depicting a fragment of the Centre Pompidou! Photo by lilypenelope

Floating Dreams


The city at night. Colors. Silence. Movements. My head is turning. Left. Right. What am I looking for? A thought that left my head without leaving a note? A dream that flew away through the city's floating soul? Photo by lilypenelope

Something Uncanny.....


City are such complexes artifacts. We know most of their [hi]-stories. We know most of their anecdotes. I love, when in a city, to explore its deepest meaning[s], it's multiple faces, facades, smells, sounds, and any other detail that, ultimately, creates my comprehension of it. There is nothing though, in my opinion, more fascinating than roofs. As I always say, rooftops are the city new beginning. A new groundfloor. A new history.
Looking at these two particular pictures I took from the top of the Centre Pompidou the word "uncanny" comes to my mind. It's true, each neighborhoods, each streets, each building, has a precise history, in time, in politics, in society. But what about the single inner stories? What about the inner daily chapters of these buildings? What is the [hi]-story line in their vertical presence within the urban context?
I love just to stare at these constructions and make up stories. Uncanny stories. About the people who live in there. About the people who, once they step out in the "outer" world, they step out from the city inner litterary composition. Photos by lilypenelope