541 - If this wall could talk!


If this wall could talk how many stories would it tell us? How many anectdotes, fragments of lives, urban poems could it narrate? Pieces of juxtaposed realities that daily cross path through the streets. But maybe, that's actually the beauty of walls. Their speechlessness. We can imagine what happens right in front of it. Dream. Or we can take a spray can and make it ours, leaving a trace on it, an image, a word, a drawing. Our story on it. Our story in our city. Aren't we all the writers of our reality? Photo by lilypenelope

Tiger and the Bone!

The Bone

Seriously...I don't know how and I don't know why but... I found antlers at the office. Maybe they are there since who knows when but, the main point is that there are antlers in our architecture office! Maybe as an examle of how a natural/animal element can influence forms in our job? Since the dog was here and didnt know how to spend his time beside eating everything he finds laying around including drawings, pens and a wool glove (where in the hell did he find it????) so...that's when I've realized how useful antlers can become!!!!! Photo by lilypenelope

Street Nature Composition


Around the city. Floral compositions. Photo by lilypenelope

In the middle of "Knowhere"

In the Middle of 'Knowhere'

There are those moments! When you don't have any inspirations. When all you need is a creepy empty room where you can sit, relax and think. Maybe even not this creepy!! Photo by lilypenelope (in the image: my friend Efrem)

Moments in Space


Photo by lilypenelope