Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

FreeForm / lilypenelope will be on "vacation" til the 9th of January! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very very very happy beginning of 2010. Big hug to you all!

The Broken Leash

The Broken Leash 1
The Broken Leash 2
The Broken Leash 3
The Broken Leash 4
The Broken Leash 5

First Snow! Happy and relaxed I decided to take my camera while going around with my sweet and extremely "intelligent" Dalmatian! My dog went totally insane playing in the snow right outside the house and...the leash broke! I'm not sure who had the most of fun but let me tell was hard to catch the fool! Photos by lilypenelope


purple nest

Thinking green and purple while deciphering the colorful whiteness of the city under the snow! Photo by lilypenelope

The Green Window and the Poetry Books

The Green Window and the Poetry Books

Photo by lilypenelope

Waiting for the Snow

Waiting for the snow
Waiting for the snow 2

Photos by lilypenelope

The Hug

The Hug

Photo by lilypenelope



Photo by lilypenelope



Photo by lilypenelope

Just You and Me

Just you and me

Photo by lilypenelope

Another Urban Dream


Photo by lilypenelope



Always fascinating a city from above. What lays there at the horizon? Dreams? A new city? A new interpretation of it? Photo by lilypenelope

The Professor and the Artist


Photo by lilypenelope

Oneiric Paris


Photo by lilypenelope

Gaz de France

In the streets of Paris, on the walls of the urban gallery, even the smallest detail becomes art. Photo by lilypenelope

Walking on History

I first started to shoot the serie "Unvulnerable Grounds" years ago. My goal was not only to recreate an invented-populated landscape but to capture a moment in which a story was written/told. The story of a life that only exist within the frame of the picture (an in my mind that is continuously in search for a new chapter in this fabricated landscape-[s]). An unvulnerable life, an unvulnerable ground.
This part of the serie, subtitled "Walking on History" wants to be a analysis/experimentation with a (litterally) historic ground. We walk in history, everyday: monuments, streets, trees. Time passes, and, as we walk, the past is right a second behind us. The ground we set our feet on is a past fabrication. If our brain is in the present (most of the time!) well, our feet are on a different plan! "Walking on History" tries to challenge or, better, create a parallel world where the only present is the moment we instantly look at the picture. The set for this framed moment of invented landscape is as litteral as it can be: a miniature figure placed on top of different (original) drawings dated from 1837 to1886.

For more photos of the "Unvulnerable Grounds / Walking on History" on Flickr just click HERE
Photos by lilypenelope


a Rose is a Rose is a Rose

The rose as a starting point for an architectural drawing. Lines, form, weaving. An ongoing experiment.

Rose set on Flickr

It's just Hyperreality!


There I was! South of France. I could see the vineyards. I could feel the vineyards. There I was. In the Languedoc region. I could also sense the presence of the Greeks, of the Phoenicians and the Romans who started their settlements there. But I could also grasp a sense of history and wars remembering the Alamanni, the Visigoths, the Vandals, and the Saracens who invaded the area. My sense of place got deeper. My imagination started to wander. But then it just came to me. An hyperreal moment. I was in Venice, California! Photo by lilypenelope

Autumn Colors


Colors of nature. Natural Colors. Seasons. Temporary visual state-[s].
Photo by lilypenelope

Experimental Urb-ART-ecture


Experimenting with colors, layers, architecture and transparency. Ongoing work. Photo by lilypenelope.

The new 3 monkeys


A modern version of the three wise monkeys? "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". On an italian city's wall. Photo by lilypenelope

Inhabiting Art

This is, no doubt, one of the best art/architecture installation I've seen at the Biennale this year. To be honest I have to admit that it is one of the best installation I've ever seen...period! This fantastic work was created by the argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno with the title "Galaxies Forming along Filaments, like Droplets along the Strand of a Spider's Web".
This is what I want from art/architecture. The ability to be part of it. The chance to be part of its meaning. To be one additional detail that can add value to it. Art that is speaking to us. And we, consciously or not, interact with it. With our feeling, with our imagination, with our secret thought!
There was a moment, inside the exhibition space that a strong feeling of being catapultedd inside a virtual space crossed my mind. It felt as if those lines where just in your imagination. Yet, the same feeling, crossed my mind even when I downloaded the images. Looking at them on my pc, felt like a montage, reality vs. virtual. Inserting people in a virtual space to give depth to it. To make it alive. But, in fact, we, the visitors, made this possible. We made it alive. We were inhabiting art. Art gave us a temporary shelter! Photos by lilypenelope


Which Venice?


Two cities. Two floating cities. One linear. One in the form of a fish. Is one becoming the shadow of the other? Or are they both in fact one entity? Photo by lilypenelope