Walking on History

I first started to shoot the serie "Unvulnerable Grounds" years ago. My goal was not only to recreate an invented-populated landscape but to capture a moment in which a story was written/told. The story of a life that only exist within the frame of the picture (an in my mind that is continuously in search for a new chapter in this fabricated landscape-[s]). An unvulnerable life, an unvulnerable ground.
This part of the serie, subtitled "Walking on History" wants to be a analysis/experimentation with a (litterally) historic ground. We walk in history, everyday: monuments, streets, trees. Time passes, and, as we walk, the past is right a second behind us. The ground we set our feet on is a past fabrication. If our brain is in the present (most of the time!) well, our feet are on a different plan! "Walking on History" tries to challenge or, better, create a parallel world where the only present is the moment we instantly look at the picture. The set for this framed moment of invented landscape is as litteral as it can be: a miniature figure placed on top of different (original) drawings dated from 1837 to1886.

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Photos by lilypenelope