@ the Construction Site

Details, details, details! Constructed, viewed, borken or abandoned. Laying down in a corner these triggered my imagination!

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Immagine 026
Immagine 014
Immagine 016
Immagine 019

I miss LA!

So, here I am! The weekend passed by very fast. Sometimes I wish weekends were actually longer. Went out on friday night, happy hour or happy hourS, dinner and back home at 3am. Did I have fun? No, actually no. Happy hour is always the same thing. Same drinks, same people and same conversations. It's like a copy and paste of reality moments. Small town life. I spend the other 2 days recovering from all of it. From the cheap wine, from the good dinner (that unfortunately made me sick...god... I thought I was going to die!!) and, on top of everything, these past days I tried to recover from the bad and empty conversations I had to take part to. Easy to say "well Lily, change your friends". I know that, I wrote so many posts about the crew that surrounds me!!! Anyway, today back into the same old routine. Work! Work and thoughts. Thoughts and work. I am checking flights on the net. Flights for LA. I am almost positive I'll fly there this summer. I miss the city so much. I miss my friends. I miss having everything outside the door. Movies, museums, food from all over the world, the ocean, the weirdos, places and spaces. Billboards, palm trees, billboards that become like nature itself. Structures and signs. Signs of structures. Ok, back to reality. Outside my window nothing really changed! It's not raining although it's pretty cloudy. The government building is still there. The 3 castles too. The crew that surrounds me is also there. Somewhere. I just hope not too close!!!


Trashy B&W Day! If it Wasn't For Those Nice Red Plastic Bags

Yes! It's friday (thank god!!!). It's trash day in town! Fridays are those days you have to wake up really early to put, on the streets of this beautiful town, the official red trash-bags, since the collectors trucks come and take them up! Do not put them outside the night before because you'll get in trouble! It is Switzerland after all! Very trashy thing. The medieval town suddently transforms itself into a mad-psychotic-redish "rubbish-scape". The image isn't quite attractive, especially so early in the morning! I didn't put it out since it is almost a week I eat out! Still, opening the windows this morning was as shocking as hell! On top of that it was very cloudy today and you all know how colors are emphasized with such a weather!! Anyway...If yesterday the dilemma was about color vs. B&W today I have no doubt...B&W! I found this old pictures I took while at SCI-Arc. Trashed pieces of steel and other interesting materials. With my old Minolta. Manual camera! I am one of those people who had trouble giving up manuality for the digital progress. Now I am happy I switched. Plus, reflex cameras...have the trash button...what a beautiful option!!! What a Beautiful Trashy B&W Day If it Wasn't For Those Nice Red Plastic Bags!


Details Hunting!

I have been shooting many photos lately. Holidays, landscapes, few people and a dog! Yet, I kind of miss taking my usual pictures. Artsy-abstract-images of unreal momentums. Maybe it is because of the weather that keeps changing like a psycho wheel, maybe is just because I can't find any inspiration here in my ol-lil-medieval-town-where-nathing-ever-happens, the utlimate thing is that those photos aren't appearing! Desperate I decided to go to a friend of mine exhibition. Not a photos, sculptures or painting exhibit btu a handmade objects. Fabric, knitting and every other thing usually I don't really care about. Not usually, I really do not care about those type of works. But I decided to go anyway. Friends are friends. I had my camera in the car and I knew I wouldn't use it. I was wrong! The colors, the fabric, the location (a greenhouse of a local flower shop) made me change my mind! So many details! I even bought some stuff...what's wrong with me???? Ah AH AH ! Anyway...good job!


NATURally ARTistic

But is it really possible that nature doesn't survive in my apartment??? Whatever I get dies after a couple od days. Unbelievable! Plants, flowers and every other green or colored natural piece I put around the place seems not to be at its place. And yes! I have to tell you that it disturbs me a lot going to my parents house and see nature all over the place: ALIVE! Even if a plant dies it suddently comes back to life...this is one of the mystries surrounding my days! Now it's seriously becoming a big challenge! I will get as many plants as possible and compete....will I lose??




Damn! Even their paintings hanging on the wall seem to come to life! If my efforts don't work will I end up putting fake nature in my place??? Please let at least those survive!!!

Stillness and Motion

The power of nature. Water and wind. The lake is amazing when the weather changes. Stillness. Or motion. Lokking at the boats sailing is always inspiring. Looking at the motor vessel makes me want to leave...soon. I am already thinking about my summer vacations! Where to go??? I am guessing LA...still a long time but better be prepared in advance!