NATURally ARTistic

But is it really possible that nature doesn't survive in my apartment??? Whatever I get dies after a couple od days. Unbelievable! Plants, flowers and every other green or colored natural piece I put around the place seems not to be at its place. And yes! I have to tell you that it disturbs me a lot going to my parents house and see nature all over the place: ALIVE! Even if a plant dies it suddently comes back to life...this is one of the mystries surrounding my days! Now it's seriously becoming a big challenge! I will get as many plants as possible and compete....will I lose??




Damn! Even their paintings hanging on the wall seem to come to life! If my efforts don't work will I end up putting fake nature in my place??? Please let at least those survive!!!


March 29, 2009 at 11:20 PM ML said...

with plants, here's the secret I discovered at my mom's... they rotate the plants! like everything alive, some have to sleep sometimes... there are some that require only a certain amount of light and water.

my solution, is that I talk to them.

for flowering ones, they require a lot of light, try putting them on the west.

and like everything in life, just give it a chance! my orchids are growing after they 'died'. you see thee little sprouts. it's really fascinating!