Holidays, Martyrs and Weddings and many Small Details

It's funny sometimes to realize that getting used to certain routines, details disappear in the big picture of life! We have a "holiday house" in Cannobio Italy, just couple of miles after the border. My grandfather bought the land on which the house stands long time ago since, obviously, it was a very good deal. My parents (architects like me) and other family members build a magnificent house that faces the lake Maggiore. The town is very nice, now spreading but, the boardwalk, which is the most interesting part of it, like any other town grown on a lakeside is simply amazing! We all developed a routine down there! Wake up, go down in town (since the house is on the hill), buy the numerous newspapers and sit down in a café facing the lake. Walk around and then go either at the beach, or sailing or simply back at home enjoying the big balcony laying down on a longchair reading. Everything I see and saw through the years was always the big picture, noticing yes small details but never really stopped analyzing them. That's what I did this weekend. I knew the history of the town. But I went and learned more. Walking around with my camera I noticed the so many gravestones or whatever you call them spread around the town. There is even one right under my house, on the street that takes you on top of the hill. I didn't really know what happened and why so many. Well, it turns out that, during Second Wotld War the people of Cannobio rose against the nazi and fascist regime...and that means many of them were brutally killed. Yet all of them are remembered through those gravestones. Martyrs of a stupid war that shaped people and places. It was strange reading about the killings of many partisans on the lake boardwalk. Gallows were build to execute many civilians. Now, on the same place, we drink coffees and campari, people enjoy walking, they get married. Past details, memories and present activities. Yet, the past is never forgotten, thanks to those small details you maybe hardly noticed.


on the street close to my house...
Careful...Snowwhite is watching you....
weddings on the boardwalk new hotel