Tennis elbow, bad movies and relaxation: TV sucks and my arm hurts!

After suffering for more than 2 weeks I decided to finally go to the doctor. My arm and especially my elbow were killing me. Enough was enough! Diagnosis: humeral epicondylitis or vulgarly said "tennis elbow". Since it is almost 15 years I do not play tennis it felt like a joke! So, apparently it will take couple of weeks before it will totally go away...and it sucks since next sunday I'll go skiing for a week! Basically the cure is simple: try not to use my arm too is my right can I not use it????? Rest and not play tennis!!!!
So, last night I took a long bath reading Michael Connelly'y "The Narrows" and to tell you the truth it was kind of hard holding the book with my left arm trying not to let it fall in the water! Then I ate some ravioli and laid down in front of the tv hoping that something good would be playing: wrong!! There was absolutely nothing! Nada! Niente! On TMC they were playing an old movie and, eventhough it was already half way through, I started watching it and wondering how come that, in the year 2009 there is nothing better to show then a 1940's movie. Why? Honestly I love old movies, they are genuine. Very touching. Visually interesting. Sometimes watching the past in its simplicity gives you more than a movie filled with special effects. Not always. But last night it really made me relax. And fall asleep forgetting that my elbow was killing me. I even dreamt of beating Roger Federer at Wimbledon!!!