I miss LA!

So, here I am! The weekend passed by very fast. Sometimes I wish weekends were actually longer. Went out on friday night, happy hour or happy hourS, dinner and back home at 3am. Did I have fun? No, actually no. Happy hour is always the same thing. Same drinks, same people and same conversations. It's like a copy and paste of reality moments. Small town life. I spend the other 2 days recovering from all of it. From the cheap wine, from the good dinner (that unfortunately made me sick...god... I thought I was going to die!!) and, on top of everything, these past days I tried to recover from the bad and empty conversations I had to take part to. Easy to say "well Lily, change your friends". I know that, I wrote so many posts about the crew that surrounds me!!! Anyway, today back into the same old routine. Work! Work and thoughts. Thoughts and work. I am checking flights on the net. Flights for LA. I am almost positive I'll fly there this summer. I miss the city so much. I miss my friends. I miss having everything outside the door. Movies, museums, food from all over the world, the ocean, the weirdos, places and spaces. Billboards, palm trees, billboards that become like nature itself. Structures and signs. Signs of structures. Ok, back to reality. Outside my window nothing really changed! It's not raining although it's pretty cloudy. The government building is still there. The 3 castles too. The crew that surrounds me is also there. Somewhere. I just hope not too close!!!



March 30, 2009 at 1:43 PM ML said...

it's groundhog day all the time... for me too, work never stops. sometimes I suspect it keeps me together.

especially out here in our daily lives. in our little towns.

I can meet you in LA. I will see emmylou tomorrow, I am not in touch with anyone much. I am not sure if LA was a misty memory for me.

most of my friends right now are relocated from europe and new york! so in my head, I am always dreaming of europe.

I am right now speaking to my friend francis (he;s based in milano) who just said, "I have to find myself again" and sometimes we, like him, we are looking at old pictures look at that, and maybe find who we were to see who we are again...