Trashy B&W Day! If it Wasn't For Those Nice Red Plastic Bags

Yes! It's friday (thank god!!!). It's trash day in town! Fridays are those days you have to wake up really early to put, on the streets of this beautiful town, the official red trash-bags, since the collectors trucks come and take them up! Do not put them outside the night before because you'll get in trouble! It is Switzerland after all! Very trashy thing. The medieval town suddently transforms itself into a mad-psychotic-redish "rubbish-scape". The image isn't quite attractive, especially so early in the morning! I didn't put it out since it is almost a week I eat out! Still, opening the windows this morning was as shocking as hell! On top of that it was very cloudy today and you all know how colors are emphasized with such a weather!! Anyway...If yesterday the dilemma was about color vs. B&W today I have no doubt...B&W! I found this old pictures I took while at SCI-Arc. Trashed pieces of steel and other interesting materials. With my old Minolta. Manual camera! I am one of those people who had trouble giving up manuality for the digital progress. Now I am happy I switched. Plus, reflex cameras...have the trash button...what a beautiful option!!! What a Beautiful Trashy B&W Day If it Wasn't For Those Nice Red Plastic Bags!