I'll be back!!!

Happy Holidays
Just a small note/post to tell you I'll be gone til the 14th of august! Finally 2 weeks of pure relaxtion! I really needed it. Happy to go back to my second city. My camera and different lenses are waiting to capture many details, moments, colors, and maybe even imaginary fragrances! I hope I'll be able to record as mach as I can so I can be back with many stories to tell you! I'll be back...like someone else once said!

Peaceful Natural Dreams...If it wasn't for those singing Birds!

word of nature
natural poem
Dreams. Words. Images. Moments. Fragmented memories. As I start walking towards the unkown, through magical places new spaces appear. New colors, few sounds. Just beautiful dreams. An intersection between flying sentences and fluid lines. Then, in the midlle of this awesome spatial place I suddently wake up! Where was I going? What was behind that tree with letters instead of leaves? Damn singing birds! You keep trespassing my imaginary fences!

If a suitcase is a city...think about a "urban renewal"!

holding memories

Packing is an art. Packing is like architecture. The starting point is to look at your suitcase as if it were a city. A place composed by multiple spaces. Spaces that litterally change through time. There are two contextual conditions: the space of departure and the space of return. The easiest one is no doubt the first one. You pack, you stress always knowing that you'll forget something vital, you stack things with one and only criteria...leave some empty spaces. The space of return. It's funny that I always plan the spaces within my suitcase based on the return! It's like planning my future memories!


It is not about souvenirs as they are collectively known. I can care less about those "fill the space above the fireplace with memories" such as those ridiculous snow globes with every possible city inside. I've always wondered why people would buy those balls. And place it on top of their fireplace...isn't that a contraddiction?
I don't consider those souvenirs (from Old French, to recall, memory, from Latin subven re, to come to mind ) but a total waste of space. My souvenirs are my memories, psychologically talking or, my photographs where I capture moments, visual infos that I want to remember.


I adore to collect the stickers they put on your luggage saying where it is coming from and where it has (possibly) to go. My souvenirs don't really take space within the landscape of my suitcase. And the best thing about these sort of souvenirs is that they are not heavy! How much do you think a memory in your brain weights? Who knows? The memory of me and my friends eating at Johnnie's Pastrami is going to be heavier than the one of me eating an apple at the beach reading a book I bought at Barnes and Noble? The thing that I am sure is that the books I'll buy are going to be heavy. Now the art of packing comes handy. Like an urban renewal. Like rethinking a city. The city within the suitcase. Fill it up without disturbing the internal balance that was already there before! You just renew the internal conditions.


Like a city, a suitcase has memories. More than what it can hold inside. Like a city, a suitcase will hold stories, anecdotes you will carry on in the future. But a suitcase, when old and useless you can keep it as a rememberance, as a souvenir. An old building will either be demolished. Why not keep it. Renew it. And hopefully reintegrate it in the urban landscape. A future memory. An urban souvenir. For real. In no ball. With snow. Over your fireplace.

Stucked in a {Fryken} Box!

stuck in a box

While finishing up to assemble all the cabinets I got at Ikea, I started, once again, thinking about the big blue box we all read as "swedish design at a low cost". Me and my collegue had to go there to buy cabinets for the office. What a surreal experience! As I talked about it before, Ikea is indeed a trip into your mind, a psychological tour into your own home. As we entered the big blue box I started wondering "I saw that kid here in the children space the last time I came here", and that was at least 6 months ago...some leave their children there while they cruise around the store...maybe some leave them there while cruising around life! As we start walking, following the arrows, you suddently realize you are not technically in switzerland anymore!! Words, style and advertisments no longer belong to your everyday. It feels like you are in a science fiction novel mixed with a document on natural species... ohhh those names...so, you find yourself between a "Trollsta" and a "Skruvsta" so interesting! Can you imagine at a dinner in your own home you welcome your guest speaking "Ikea-ish": "Hey guys, welcome! Please go and put your stuff in Pax, then feel free to go on the Tylosänd...I have to go in the kitchen to finish cooking some Köttbullar"! So, while searching for a cabinet I found myself filling up the yellow plastic bag with so many useful things: two sets of "Drömmar", I mean...not one, two sets of pastries cutter in the shape of swedish animals!! So nice looking...! I got a "Pröjs" just for the name...a desk pad...I hate desk pads but how could I resist to something named "Pröjs"?? A "Strila"...a damn citrus zester...why? But it will look good in my red kitchen! And the best, a jewel in the kitchen...a must...the complete set of "Plastis" ice cube trays...so happy I can now make icecube in the shape of a fish, a flower, a star and a heart! I totally forgot I have a full center fridge..!!Then, after buying everything I don't really need, we got to the cabinets/bookshelf section...awesome! Selfservice! Heavy like a dinosaur! We pay, put the stuff in the car and drive back...knowing that there were many floors ahead of us! We mounted everything in 2 hours! At night, I was sad. Not only becuase Brooke Shield broke my heart with her speech at the Micheal Jackson memorial, but because, while crying (damn Brooke) I suddently realize that this red "Expedit" insert with door was the last piece of the "swedish experience"! I knew I should have bought a "Bygga" , a "Mula", a "MÅLA" or a "Pyssla" so I could have kept going playing the swedish life...at a low cost!


Folding thoughts, unfolded ideas. Or viceversa? Lines and forms start to develop. Shadows of gray. Black and white. Dreamed colors. Forgotten details. Depth. That's where you have to go to bring them back. To line them up trying to build a story. A drama? A neverending novel? A distorted poetry. Memories. Unpredictable structures.

A final product.
Your Emerald city.


Imaginary Promenade

Contemporary city. Imagery. Visions. As I walk through its streets I can't stop wondering. Where is my destination? What is my destination?
Its topography moves me. It forces me through a natural dérive. A panoptic machine?
The city. Exploration and conquest. Pleasure and, at the same time, escape. From what? From whom?
Found objects. Artifacts. I ponder each piece that I collect. Physically and in my memory. Real and imaginary. Multiple stories. Multiple histories. Scenographic forms. And layouts. Enframed spaces.
Compositions. Fragmentation. Preservation, destruction and duplication. Create, build and construct. De-construct. Thoughts and structures. Subject and object. Actor and spectator. Contemporary city. A found leaf. Life, geometry, movement, light, colors and smell. We make the city alive. We keep the leaf alive. Or not. I keep wandering, in my imaginary promenade.
city detail
where to go?