Stucked in a {Fryken} Box!

stuck in a box

While finishing up to assemble all the cabinets I got at Ikea, I started, once again, thinking about the big blue box we all read as "swedish design at a low cost". Me and my collegue had to go there to buy cabinets for the office. What a surreal experience! As I talked about it before, Ikea is indeed a trip into your mind, a psychological tour into your own home. As we entered the big blue box I started wondering "I saw that kid here in the children space the last time I came here", and that was at least 6 months ago...some leave their children there while they cruise around the store...maybe some leave them there while cruising around life! As we start walking, following the arrows, you suddently realize you are not technically in switzerland anymore!! Words, style and advertisments no longer belong to your everyday. It feels like you are in a science fiction novel mixed with a document on natural species... ohhh those, you find yourself between a "Trollsta" and a "Skruvsta" so interesting! Can you imagine at a dinner in your own home you welcome your guest speaking "Ikea-ish": "Hey guys, welcome! Please go and put your stuff in Pax, then feel free to go on the Tylosänd...I have to go in the kitchen to finish cooking some Köttbullar"! So, while searching for a cabinet I found myself filling up the yellow plastic bag with so many useful things: two sets of "Drömmar", I mean...not one, two sets of pastries cutter in the shape of swedish animals!! So nice looking...! I got a "Pröjs" just for the name...a desk pad...I hate desk pads but how could I resist to something named "Pröjs"?? A "Strila"...a damn citrus zester...why? But it will look good in my red kitchen! And the best, a jewel in the kitchen...a must...the complete set of "Plastis" ice cube happy I can now make icecube in the shape of a fish, a flower, a star and a heart! I totally forgot I have a full center fridge..!!Then, after buying everything I don't really need, we got to the cabinets/bookshelf section...awesome! Selfservice! Heavy like a dinosaur! We pay, put the stuff in the car and drive back...knowing that there were many floors ahead of us! We mounted everything in 2 hours! At night, I was sad. Not only becuase Brooke Shield broke my heart with her speech at the Micheal Jackson memorial, but because, while crying (damn Brooke) I suddently realize that this red "Expedit" insert with door was the last piece of the "swedish experience"! I knew I should have bought a "Bygga" , a "Mula", a "MÅLA" or a "Pyssla" so I could have kept going playing the swedish a low cost!