Imaginary Promenade

Contemporary city. Imagery. Visions. As I walk through its streets I can't stop wondering. Where is my destination? What is my destination?
Its topography moves me. It forces me through a natural dérive. A panoptic machine?
The city. Exploration and conquest. Pleasure and, at the same time, escape. From what? From whom?
Found objects. Artifacts. I ponder each piece that I collect. Physically and in my memory. Real and imaginary. Multiple stories. Multiple histories. Scenographic forms. And layouts. Enframed spaces.
Compositions. Fragmentation. Preservation, destruction and duplication. Create, build and construct. De-construct. Thoughts and structures. Subject and object. Actor and spectator. Contemporary city. A found leaf. Life, geometry, movement, light, colors and smell. We make the city alive. We keep the leaf alive. Or not. I keep wandering, in my imaginary promenade.
city detail
where to go?


July 1, 2009 at 3:42 PM hazel colditz said...

beautiful...just beautiful.
thanks for allowing me into your "imaginary promenade." true delight before i set out on my wanderings today....