Jazz on the wall

Lionel Hampton

Jazz music. On the wall. In the air. An original signed photograph. A concert ticket from the 50's. And my father proud to tell me "It was my first concert: Lionel Hampton was amazing".
Photo by lilypenelope

The Silent City

silent city

The Silent city. A sacred silent place. Many different {hi}-stories. They all tell you fragments of lives. Of life. A silent narration. Photo by lilypenelope

This is certain!

Life and Books

If there is one thing in my life that is absolutely certain is that...there will be books!
Photo by lilypenelope

The Everyday- Detail-1


I love details. Even in a pair of jeans! Photo by lilypenelope

The E

the E

The E. The Easel. The Expression. The Enclosure. The Effect. The Elasticity. The Edification. The Emptiness. The Extortion. The Eloquence. The Emerald-{city}. The Enigma? Or maybe it is simply The Experiment.
Photo by lilypenelope



A plant. A flower. Alive. Obviously not in my apartment!! Photo by lilypenelope

Natural Grid

Natural Grid

Modernist Architecture. A tree. Not caring about disrupting the regularity of a facade. Photo by lilypenelope

The Egg and the Rainforests


A forest. Many projects. Eggs. One goal: Save the Rainforests of Madagascar.
Photo & Model (EGGsperimental Architecture) by lilypenelope

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Multiple Urban Stories


A wall. A blank page. Juxtaposition-{s}. Overlapping stories. Our Urban Everyday Book. Photo by lilypenelope

The Corner


A corner. A fragment. Angle and angles. Point{s} of view{s}: space, image and memory.
Photo by lilypenelope



How many times have you said the word "space" today? Photo by lilypenelope

Found Object


A trash can. A Magazine from 1964. An article about car race for women only. Name: "Eve on the wheel". Official cars: "Innocenti". Photo by lilypenelope

A Book to eat...

tiger under the light

Tiger. On the couch. In the reading corner. Waiting. For a book? To eat....
Photo by lilypenelope

Present Perfect


A mirror. A store. Ancient objects. I stare into a passed/past reflection.
Photo by lilypenelope



Music from the soul. Music from the hardrive. Flowing. Photo by lilypenelope



Architecture. Old and new. The first reflected on the 2nd. Distortion. New perception. New reading. New architecture? The architecture of reflection. Ours?
Photo by lilypenelope

The Wall - Memory


Family. Ancestors. Greatgrandfather. Watching. On the wall. From the wall. A daily memory. Photo by lilypenelope.

The Machine


Somewhere in the city. Somewhere in my mind! Photo by lilypenelope



Round and round and round and round and round.... Centre Pompidou, Paris.
Photo by lilypenelope

Change can Happen!


Change can happen! Store window along the Miracle Mile, Los Angeles. Shot long time ago, this pic still makes me smile! Photo by lilypenelope



Fragmentation. Partiality. A name. A window. A color: Blue. Somewhere in Paris.
Photo by lilypenelope



Downtown Los Angeles. A sunny day on top of the Lofts. Photo by lilypenelope



Colors. Water. A garden. In the middle of the city. You can watch but you can't touch!
Photo by lilypenelope

The Wall

The Wall 2

The Wall: somewhere in Downtown Los Angeles. Watching, reading and thinking.
Photo by lilypenelope

La Vie Parisienne!


Somewhere in Saint Germain des Prés. Dreaming of Paris! Photo by lilypenelope

Art and Life!


Art creates life. Or is it the opposite? Life creates art? A wall. A message. A work of artistic expression. A wall. Our canvas. The reflection of our life. Yet, the wall, is the symbolic division between public (life) and private (life). A {vertical} line protecting our domestic space. Is this line the embodiment of an artistic verticality? Or simply an absorbent structure of a dual reality? The inner and the outer art? Our mind and our externalization of it? What's behind the wall/canvas? There is where you'll find the answers.

Faces and their {his}-Stories

Every face tells us a story. Every face has a history. Interesting faces usually tell us interesting stories. Through ages many painters have represented interesting faces in their work. They externalize emotions. Thoughts. A past that you only can imagine through the feelings their expressions give you.
Something very nice happened to me while I was in LA this past month. I was introduced to the most interesting people I probably ever met in my entire life. Partners in crime: Starbucks, a table next to a fountain and a friend named Don.
Don was my neighbour when I used to live in LA. I haven't seen him for a decade. Then, one morning, thanks to a double espresso urge, I met him at a Starbucks in Marina del Rey. This was last year. We just had few days to catch up. And that was it. This year he was my first thought when I woke up the first morning. I drove to Starbucks and...there he was! LA is no doubt one of the biggest city yet, at that particular "table" life suddently became for me that of the nicest town on earth! Don started to introduce me to all his friends that, day after day would meet there. 1, 2, 3, 4 the group began to grow bigger every day. Every morning I would drive there, and every morning I would meet new people. Their kindness, their positive mood, their histories, their ideas and yes...their faces immediately fascinated me. I would stop every single day. For breakfast and later, after my relaxtion at the beach! Sitting there at "the table" was great. The conversations would be different everyday depending on who was there. Art, architecture, religion, music, literature, food, wine, cigars, world tragedies and world beauties. I have to tell you that listening to their conversations was incredibly inspiring. "The Table" became like a city within a city. And each one of the people sitting around it were the most special characters of the movie called "Everyday Life". Don, Jimmy, Ronnie, Keiko, Elaine, Tom, Emmanuel, Sylvia, Johnny, Mary-Ann...ohhh such wonderful people! With such interesting faces! With such interesting stories to tell! One more year...and I'll be back at the table...eager to be part of this amazing group of people. Listening and anticipating like in any great books: anxious to know what the next page will contain!


The Tower Theatre

Walking around the streets of a city it often happens to discover hidden architectural treasures such as this one. The Tower Theatre opened in 1927 with a sneak preview of Warner's "The Jazz Singer". Designed by S. Charles Lee, the Tower was his first major cinema building. A Spanish-Romanesque-Moorish design the building was constructed in a very particular way: long and narrow (only 50 feet wide). 1000 seats and a retail store were contained within the long building. It was the first theatre downtown wired for sound.
Known during the 40's as the Newsreel and later as the Music Hall this theater has been closed for movies since 1988.

The exterior and interior have appeared in many movies such as "Fight Club", "Coyote Ugly", "She's so lovely", "Mambo Kings", "Ed Wood", "Mulholland Drive" (interior), "The Good German" and many other.
It is designated a Historic-Cultural Landmark.