Something Uncanny.....


City are such complexes artifacts. We know most of their [hi]-stories. We know most of their anecdotes. I love, when in a city, to explore its deepest meaning[s], it's multiple faces, facades, smells, sounds, and any other detail that, ultimately, creates my comprehension of it. There is nothing though, in my opinion, more fascinating than roofs. As I always say, rooftops are the city new beginning. A new groundfloor. A new history.
Looking at these two particular pictures I took from the top of the Centre Pompidou the word "uncanny" comes to my mind. It's true, each neighborhoods, each streets, each building, has a precise history, in time, in politics, in society. But what about the single inner stories? What about the inner daily chapters of these buildings? What is the [hi]-story line in their vertical presence within the urban context?
I love just to stare at these constructions and make up stories. Uncanny stories. About the people who live in there. About the people who, once they step out in the "outer" world, they step out from the city inner litterary composition. Photos by lilypenelope