A Stroll through an Imaginary City

A planned city. Streets, boardwalks, lines, crossroads, buildings and numbers. I wasn't sure where the original old city centre was so, I started walking on "Main Street". A Post Office. A Newstand. A Starbucks. A restaurant owned by an italian family from the neighborhood. A park where young and old people were spending their beautiful saturday afternoon. Yet something was missing. Where were all the stores I remembered being there once? Probably moved to the suburbs. New structures have appeared. And many other left to their own destiny. New and decay. Gentrification and sprawl. Traffic. Yet I found human presence. Man made structures. Geometry and well thought out plans. Where am I going? Where is urbanism going? Photos by lilypenelope

stroll 4
stroll 7
stroll 6
stroll 2
stroll 8
stroll 10
stroll 11
stroll 13
stroll 14
stroll 15
stroll 9
stroll 3
stroll 1
stroll 12
stroll 5


January 22, 2010 at 8:26 AM BigMarry said...

Cool perspective!