Politics, Brands and Friends!

The political election for the new US president I guess has never been so interesting as now! I said, after my forced departure from the political world that I would never talk about it ever again. But the presidential 08 are a different thing! Are we really assisting at a debate or an amazing tv-show? Has a politician to be more of an actor than a boring talker? Obama and Mc Cain. People or brands? It's funny, I went back to LA for a short vacation and all I brought back from my trip were Obama gadgets! My "Obama for your mama" T-shirt got really popular among people around me. Obama sounds as good as "Prada", as "Abercrombia and Fitch". Everybody have put so much effort in advertising the candidates as if they were a clothing brand. Or a store one. And it works! It seems up til now that the business plan around the run for presidency has involved more people then 4 years ago. In Europe we constantly hear and talk about the "Obamania"...in Berlin more people attended his public speech then if the Rolling Stones sang in the same place. This morning I was reading something relly interesting. 7 Eleven, same as 4 years ago, is selling coffee cups with the candidates name on it. Blue for Obama and red for Mc Cain. You make your choice and get your coffee. Not only you walk around your city sharing with the world your political choice...but you also, obviously, become the mean by which 7 Eleven get advertised around the streets. Up til now Obama's cups win! And 7 Eleven says that 4 years ago the "coffee poll" was the same as the outcome of the presidential winner! No more to say then go out, find a 7 Eleven and get your coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!