The weekend is finally here! I am going to spend it relaxing and thinking.. Thinking about my fututre, about creative projects, about travels, about contructive least I hope so! Tomorrow I will probably know for sure the date of my trip at the Venice Biennale. I can't wait! I hope to have some ideas to pursue. I am sure my camera will know when it is the time to frame pieces of reality. And I am also sure that when I will look at them they will be distorted but still pieces of my reality.


October 3, 2008 at 6:34 PM ML said...

have a great weekend! I was thinking today, when is lily going to the biennale?

I love living through the camera! it really puts you in a world that is only yours!

I too, have to figure my life and projects out. my problem is I'm always having too much fun doing really stupid things!