Miniature world / world of miniatures

I love miniatures! I bought so many in the last couple of years that it's not even funny! I then use them to reproduce worlds that do not exist outside the frame of my photos. But they are in a way real, just because they are there. I did couple of series and some of them are in few posts of this blog (a book's funeral). Shooting them in a particular layout gives them a life of their own. They become human in a shot. They belong to the "unvulnerable ground"(as I called one of my series) a parallel world.
Today I found soemthing really beautiful on the net while doing my daily dose of net-surfing! I was introduced to this amazing photograph named Keith Loutit. He did something that cannot be explained in words simply because it's impossible. You have to watch his work to feel it! If I have to interpret with my personal reading of his work I would say that he did the opposite of my miniature shots. What he does is basically shooting photos of real people in a real context (s) with a tilt-shift camera lens. The shooting I believe lasts hours if not days. Then It assembles them all together and what comes out is simply magnificent. I felt a real "miniaturized" world. To some extent even a fake one. But it's not! It completely changes the way we perceive a place, an action, an urban context. Just watch it!

The North Wind Blew South from Keith Loutit on Vimeo