Framing the world/being framed by the world

We are constantly framing the world. Day by day, we take pictures, we look at things, we fragment life in little pieces and collect them in our brains or in our digital world. Photography is nothing more than framing a moment in time to keep it for future times. Emotions, rememberance, mere visuality or a moment. Our eyes too become a tool of framing our everyday. Always a fragmentation of reality. We see what's in front of us...never what's behind! Then, our brain, assumes position of the caretaker of our daily visual fragments. How many times does it happen that you think back at a certain point of your life and suddently your brain start acting like a powerpoint presentation? But, there is difference between a camera and our eyes/brain collection of visual items: I never take photos of bad things. Never take pictures of moments that give me a bad feeling. I frame moments, objects or whatever that, when looking back at them I feel good, happy, energetic or else. But our eyes and brain work differently. They capture and it frames. Whatever comes in and gets stored. And sometimes it's just hard. Sometimes you find yourself forced to stare at mental photos of a bad event, of something that visually takes you back to a sad moment. What do you do when that happens? Just ask the caretaker of your visual world to turn off the visual and spiritual powerpoint presentation of your life! But that isn't that easy! Well, one thing you can do? Let the eyes capture beautiful things. Turn around when you encounter the bad ones!