No wonder!

I was wondering about the meaning of the word architect. So, does an architect only have to build a house? Or can he/she design a purse? Or a chair? or a lamp? What if I don't want to design building but I want to design funky bandaids? I actually had this dream couple of years ago, to design a huge selection of bandaid because I thought: "well lily, two thing s are for sure in business, blood and death" seriously...think about it. If you design coffins you know for sure your job is going to last forever because the thing is people die. If you design houses well, there can be an economic crisis, or people simply don't have money or they just want to rent it...well, then you are really screwed! Even with bandaids. People cut themselves, always. And they need bandaids. So, my idea, I thought at that time, was very interesting. I could design an entire line. But then somebody invented the "spray-bandaid" and my idea just died. Bottom line: how do you categorize a person? By the degree, by the phD, by what? Is Zaha an artist because her work is hanging at Moma next to a Miro? Was Rocco Barocco a fashion designer? Yet he was named "the architect of fashion". No wonder!


October 1, 2008 at 4:19 PM Melissa la O' said...


though, just because the spray band aids have been invented, that doesn't stop you from designing your own band aids!

that's also what you might mean about re designing the world! band aids for the world!

I also think that, yeah, architecture has too many motives involved. other things, they are more direct. some products. then art. it's so simple so complex yet, I can't help but drown in it! plus my fascination with artists! wow! my head goes in circles all day thinking about them! not just their work, but how amazing they've chosen to live their lives!