I have absolutely no clue what got into me today. I am so inspired and I can't think about anything than art, its link to people, to space to whatever that can relate to it. Well, here something I was really happy to read today. I got an email telling me that Containerart has a "container" in Venice too...and, since I will be soon going to the Biennale I looked it up. Fantastic!
Containerart is basically an urban, itinerant and adaptive art exhibit. It transforms your entire city into a living museum. Really interesting is the fact of using the same shell/container inside which artists can express their creativity. Not to mention the concept of bringing art to the people inside their everyday spaces/places. These containers are placed in different cities. The containers link cities, urban centers with suburbs, nations to nations. And the visitors become part of the "box". They are stimulated in a debate. I'll hopefully go check the containers¨ Some of them look amazing. Go check them out!