The local Martha Stewart

Yes!!! There is a moment in everyone's life when the need to have some house renewal takes place. We all want a nice place to live in. Nice stuff, nice paintings or photos on the wall, nice colors. And nice plants! So, I decided that my apartment needed some green. It has been so long since a plant survived my home reality. I finally decided that, before repainting all the rooms and moving things around, I had to put lots of (living) nature in every corner! Don't we all, deep secretly inside, want to be as good in home improvement as Martha Stewart??? Martha can make miracles with absolutely nothing. And we, when thinking about our home, believe in miracles too. Unfortunately my plants seem not to survive in any space. With all the possible effort I feel like a killer! And Martha smiles. "it's this, do that and here it comes...nice green...". So here is what is going to happen. Got the plants, gave water, and hopefully natural life will go on inside my home.