Reading news from the world

I fell asleep last night with a book in my hands (and my glasses still on!). I finished my last one and started the new one right before taking a good sleep. I woke up with the book still in my hands! Anyway, I started my day noticing that the sky was covered with many shadows of gray that ultimately turned into a darkness I haven't seen for a long time in this part of the world. So, I started reading newspapers trying to understand what happened last night at the final debate between Obama and Mc Cain. But swiss journalists were already sleeping when that event took place so I went in my favorite online newspaper "The Huffington Post" to discover that Obama still rocked the night. And that made my day. I wish I could have voted too in the states. I lived there for years and I'm now hoping for the big change. Let's wait for the 4th of november and really hope that intelligent voters will make it happen!