Leave a Trace!

I was reading about "Someguy" in the real sense since I do not know who he is beside that he is a graphic designer. He is working on an amazing project. He leaves his notebooks around places such as coffee shops, trains, bookstores with the invitation to whoever finds them to fill a page with drawings, collages, writings and to do the same as he does: leave it back somewhere else, waiting for somebody else to find it and move on to the next page. Well some of them got completed and now he is publishing them. "1000 Journals" is out.
More to come since a film maker wants to make a movie out of this story. So she started going around the world to find the people who wrote in Someguy's notebook. she became part of a search around the world that was apparently amazing as the journals themselves.
I love the collective outcome that came out of this project.