I read a book lately about the science of shopping and it gave me some good insight...not only about shopping also about projecting some consumeristic theories to human behaviours. The book, "Why we buy" explains the way retailers organize and advertise their store with the only intent of inviting people to go in their store and ultimately buy. From the display of windows, to lighting organization, to internal layouts. A good windows is the base of a good invitation. It is funny how strategically in many stores men fashion is the first thing you encounter. Why? Because statistically women have no problem walking through a store to go to their department. But what interested me the most was the exteriority of marketing. We see what they sell. Or at least a portion of it. You want to go deeper in to find what you are looking for and maybe more. Some store become a work of art, some of them just tell you "come in, there is more", some of them though have such a bad front window that you just do not look or maybe you don't even see. But are people like shopping windows? Do they fix their appearances to invite you in? To let them know you? Some people I hanged around with do it, but in a way a really bad store would do! What you see outside is just a big lie. Once you penetrate deep in their soul/mind what you find is scaring shit!!! Fake expensive brands as if to show their status...a fake one obviously! They hang around rich people to be elevated in some sort of new social level that exist only in their fake existence. WHY??? So, I rather prefer a shitty window that at least doesn't lie to me than one that promises gold and in fact it only offers trash! And I love trash, I even did a photo series with it...but I was looking for it!
Great book the Paco Underhill one...I probably just subjectivized too much the content!!!


October 14, 2008 at 1:52 PM ML said...

my god! amazing post! sooooo true!

I can swear by it!

your writing and photos --- have you thought of doing a book of essays with pictures? it would be really incredible!