It's a family affair

Few are the tv series that I really love and constantly follow. I have to admit that since "The Sopranos" and "Six feet under" left for good I haven't been really into anything in particular. Then, "Brothers and Sisters" showed up. A very interesting show. I love it! Big family, politics and business are the main themes around the plot. I do not have a big family since I am an only child. But my family is huge. Aunts and oncles, cousins and more cousins! We all live next door. We see each other very often. We share a big family house at the lake. When we are all together we talk, about everything: politics, literature, the world and life. My parents have been very active in politics so 90% of every conversations is about that! I work in my family's architecture firm. We fight, we create, we do business together. For some reason, although very differently, we relate to some of the stories in the show! It's a very interesting family, crazy, alternative, and, even though we fight a lot I love it ! Because there is a point in life when you realize that, when in troubles, family will always stand behind you, no matter what. Unlike friends that usually, when in need, come out for what they are. I thought I knew very well my family but, everyday, there is something new to learn. And it's true..."the people you love the most, maybe are the ones you know the less"!