Candy Weekend

I had a very funny weekend! Instead of going, as usual, to the lake for relaxation, I decided to giva a hand to some friends of mine in a little store (sort of a newsstand but with food and other stuff) they just bought. The old owner, I've realized that getting on location, didn't know about order and left the place in such a bad condition that, as entering the place I asked myself why was I there, since I could have been doing so many other things in clean places. But I gave my word! So we had to clean it up, take out all the mess, repaint it, they got new furniture and, Ikea is so great in this occasions so we had to build all of them. On saturday night I realized that I am no longer 20 years old as I was completely broken up, tired and cranky.
But then the best part of it came on sunday! With the place that seemed coming out form a design magazine! And there they were!
I had to take my camera and just shoot anything that was around!

Suddently was like being a teenager again! Damn...I ate so many of this stuff that isn't even funny!I love the smell of chemical strawberrys! And the feeling when they get stucked in your teeth that sometimes you feel you need a drill to take them out from your mouth! And my favorite of all...Chupa Chups lollipops! I think only Lieutenant Kojac loved them more then I do!

It was a magical "candy-scape"...but then it was over... I still had to take a broom and help to clean up!