What a weekend!

The famous dinner took finally place last friday! We were supposed to be in 10 but, at the end, we were only 5. With food and drinks calculated for more people I realized the morning after that there was nothing left!
My friends Gio, Lelia, Filippo and Giacomo "Jack" had fun. We all had fun! Started the evening with couple of Mojitos (maybe more than a coulpe...!), Blue Chips and funky conversations! Then my enormous roastbeef came into the story! A portion for 10...nothing left! Roasted potatoes and some salad! All accompanied with (too) many bottles of wine! Sorbets and coffee. Cookies and Amaretto. More wine! And then the conversations started touching different topics. Architecture, art, food, politics and it was seriously fun! Black white, left right, sweet and salty... different people ( 2 engineers, 1 architect, one lawyer and one Ph.D) with different opinions, animated discussions, especially when talking about politics. But a very beautiful night!
The morning after was something totally different!!! Went to sleep at 4 and had to wake up early! Very heavy! Considering that I had to go to a family reunion! Heavy day!