Different Plans

Get into the car. Drive to Lugano. Buy an Ipod cable to attach it to the car. Get some new DVDs, including the one ML told me. Buy grocery. Mint and sugarcane so I can fix some Mojitos tonight. Go back home. Cook. Bring the food in the living room. Sit down in front of the tv. Eat and watch a Dvd. Well, that was my plan for last night. I didn't calculate that something would completely change it! And this is what actually happened:
walked in the park with my dalmatian Tiger. I didn't pay attention to his wildness. I didn't see the freaky cat coming. I didn't realize the dog starts running like a maniac. I just felt my arm detaching from my body! Damn it hurt! I couldn't move it! So, bottom line I had to change my perfectly structured plans for the night! I didn't move from home. Took a bath. Started a new book (Borkmann's Point) and had a fantastic dinner: nettle gnocchi with a gentle sauce! But the pain is huge! Damn-crazy-dog!
Photo: Lily Penelope. Sony Digital


November 17, 2008 at 8:51 PM ML said...

love these photos! your entries are making me so hungry! got back from surf camp, all beaten up! I read and loved the celtic ring and elegance of the hedgehog! read them both while I was away!