Scary or funny???

Not long ago I wrote a post about changes I brought into my life. I found myself in a moment where I needed to make couple of choices. Those sort of choices I guess many people find themselves confronted with. Was I living my life in the right way? Was I suroounded by good people? Where these people good in my ongoing path through the future? Well, at that time I did make choices. Did I made them too fast? What were the reasons for making them? Maybe I was projecting my fears, my crazy life my I don't know what onto other people when maybe I was the one who had to take responsabilities for some of my actions! Anyway, as if I owned the eraser of bad things I literally cancelled things and people from my life, but, looking back, I messed it up. I erased the wrong ones!!! As an architect I can tell you that the big difference between drawing by hand or with a computer, especially when you fuck up is simple: by hand you are the only one to blame! When doing it with a computer you can always blame it on external causes! I came t work and everything disappeared, somebody touched it and so on! But in this case is faster to put everything back together! Well, I screwed up but I blame it on others...thank goodness I can still fix it! Can I share with you a thing? One of the few people I thought was a good one turned out to be a complete psycho! What would you think about a person (no names because I am not sure who will read this post!), in her 40's who when speaking with her mother (which is every 5 min!!!) impersonating a 6 years old? Seriously I am not kidding...her voice like the one of a child... She lives in a room that is still the one she had when she was 4. I find this out of control and seriously absurd. Scary? Funny? Psychotic? The psycho-friend who talks like a baby! I thought these people were only fictional...shit, in reality they are even worse! Knock knock! Who's there?...if it's her do not open your doooooooooooor!!!!!!


November 27, 2008 at 9:03 AM Marcie said...

I follow your blog since a while. I love your pictures! I just wanted to tell you, to answer your questions,that what you wrote is pretty funny but very scary. You will never know your friends until something weird happens, in this case it is obvious. I guess you will re evaluate who is around you! Good luck.

November 27, 2008 at 3:17 PM Lily Penelope said...

Marcie...I am aware of that! People are weird! Sometimes I prefer fictional characters because the real version of craziness freaks me out!

December 1, 2008 at 3:24 AM ML said...

lily! some things take time to really unfold. we never really know. even if we do have a suspicion,which is almost always right! with the good people, it's great, we form friendships with them!