Venice Biennale - Lotus

I have to say that Hadid is one of my favorite architects. No wonder I was ec-static when I saw her "Lotus". Her work here at the Biennale wants to be a system of furnished-spaces that want to capture the immediate world, the closer one and the more distant one. The Lotus space wants to be as programmatic as our actual everyday. Rest, amusement, study and so on. Many folds as many are this programs. Formality and functionality.
But still...I had a problem here too! I mean: you talk about seducing the viewer, you talk about this being a space for the everyday where you have incorporated a bed, a desk, cabinets and every other piece we all have in our homes...and all you can see on every folds was the "Please DO NOT TOUCH" sign!!!?!!?
Beside that a very beautiful job!