Venice Biennale - Deep Garden by A12

This time I decided to pick a hotel closer to the Biennale rather than to the center of tourism! Last time the I picked Riva degli Schiavoni, but it was too chaotic. On the contrary, Sant'Elena, known as the greener part of Venice (and apparently the only one) was a perfect match for my needs: extreme relaxation! On the way to the Arsenale, floating on the sea, there was this piece by A12. I have to admit that it didn't really trigger my interest since it reminded me too much of all the work I had seen during the Expo 01 here in Switzerland. Yet, seen it in the morning there is no doubt that it expressed the culmination of relaxation and energy! The fragmented reflection of the water movement on its facades becomes the strenght of the entire work.
"The installation by A12 takes on the force of nature and opposes it, offering an isolated place in which to enjoy the silence and submerge oneself in a surreal space. In a city like Venice, where the unique feature of the town is its immersion in the lagoon, A12's creation becomes a symbol of that flow of energy through which man constructs new experiences in seemingly inconceivable places".