Venice Biennale - Hall of Fragments

The theme of this year Biennale is "Out there:Architecture Beyond Building". Obviously many of the participants expressed their vision of space and spatiality beyond the ordinary transforming their final piece into extra-ordinary compositions.
The work made for the Biennale by David Rockwell, Reed Kroloff and Casey Jones is one of those. A work that takes you in a new dimension created by fragments of a reality we all know. Of movies, of history, of culture recombining them to into a new way of creating and perceiving a new space. A space where no real architectural elements are actually used. That's why the group used fragments of famous movies where architecture was portrayed and constructed in different ways. With technology, with virtuality. From Metropolis (Fritz LAng) to Blade Runner (Ridley Scott), from Playtime (Jacques Tati) to The Truman Show. Technology, capitalism, future, 50's modernism, perfect urbanism. No wonder that some of the best visions of architecture and urban planning ever were made by writers, movie directors and production designer!
I adored this piece...and I was at the first one!!!!