Rainy Day...I knew it wouldn't last!

It was indeed a bit strange how the weather evolved these past couple of days. Initially we were all happy that the snow could already be seen on top of the mountains. The past years it had been aweful not to ski a lot since the lack of snow was the main issue here in switzerland! But then, the weather suddently changed. It started raining like crazy. No sun for a long time. I do love the rain but enough is enough!
Then yesterday the weather changed again. It was warm like summer was knocking again on this strange year's door. It was just the prelude to what's happening today. Freezing and raining. The colors seesaw is back! Today is still gray. I captured some of the colors that surrounded me yesterday inside and ouside my home. Dry, colorful and warm moments! Today I am just happy that I have my Hunter boots! At least I will have dry, trendy and warm feet!!!