Venice Biennale - S1NGLETOWN

S1NGLETOWN by Droog & Kesselskramer, is an event based on the world of contemporary single people. It investigates on ideas, desires and fears of this huge category of our society. Ultimately it studies products for them!
S1NGLETOWN asks: why are we single? Are single people lonely or free? Rich or poor? The action field of this resaerch is a city, obviously called singletown. It is composed by 9 types of housing of modern singles with products made especially for them! I loved this work, not only because I am single (!!) but because it was one of the few you could feel very close. No extravaganza, nothing impossible, nothing weird. Realitiy as it is but displayed in a very interesting way by having all these people and objects hanging around the room. And it made me smile quite a lot!
Photo: Lily Penelope. Sony Digital