NaturooD - Natur(al)+(F)ooD

Another weekend is over! I've never appreciated the lake house as much as this year. Maybe because this year was different. Many things have happened and knowing the fact that having a house where I can escape to makes it a lot easier! Yes! I guess escaping from my city is what I do! But only during weekends!
During these days I am constanly searching for good things to eat and good things to see. Sometimes it happens that those things are just one: good things to eat that look amazingly interesting. Artistic culinary creations!
Since winter is almost here mostly all swiss people are happy because it is the time when we all have big dinners with friends eating fondue and, my favorite, raclette! But, I was so "lucky" to become allergic to diary products and it is quite tragic that I can't eat these winterly recipes anymore! Thank god there are goats and sheeps! I can eat cheese made with their milk without passing out! Even fondue and raclette! And, to tell you the truth, they are even better! Saturday I went in a popular italian store on the lake boardwalk and discovered an amazing cheese! Goat cheese covered with chestnut leaves! Very good and very beautiful to look at. But are the leaves just to make it look good or do they actually put a particular fragrance into it?
Photo: Lily Penelope. Sony Digital


November 17, 2008 at 3:01 PM Anonymous said...

Cool set of images. autumn beauty.