Venice Biennale - Urban Pastoral

Before entering the actual space of the Arsenale, heart of the Biennale, I stopped at this space where this extremely attractive piece of Eric Shuldenfrei and Marisa Yiu got my total attention. Their work tries to find a dialogue between nature and artifice in Hong Kong. They try to alternate the high density of the city in opposition to the extremely rural aspect of other regions around it. This is their proposal: a vertical landscape that incorporates more nature in our daily lives.
"Here we grow firecracker plants that entwine with th balconies, we place a trellis to hang our daily herbs and plant bauhinia flowers, an emblem of Hong Kong first classified here in 1908"..."we encourage inhabitants of Hong Kong to farm in their own urban space. In fabricating a vertical landscape we promote the potential of an Urban Pastoral, where artifice and nature fully complement each other".
Very beautiful the vases made of plexiglas. Wonderful piece.