Beautiful Day

I was already thrilled about Obama's victory today that I didn't expect any more good news for the day! It's raining outside, as it has for the past week. I am still drinking coffee like a maniac to stay awake here at the office. More caffeine than blood in my body!
But then, a phone call I was waiting for months came in. My new car has finally arrived! It sounds so superficial but I am out of control right now. This is the story in few words. Saved money to buy this awesome car, not just a car, as the ads say, but "Das Auto". I ordered it ....the 2nd of december! Yes! Almost a year ago. "It will arrive in february", "it will arrive in april", "it will arrive in june" and so on. I didn't even remember its color! But I still do not have it! Two more days to wait! "Das Auto" will be in my parking friday...and guess what? Friday I'll be at the Venice Biennale...damn Auto!