Venice Biennale - Prototypping the Future: Three Houses for the Subconscious

Asymptote Rock! What else can I say??
Aaron Betsky, Director of this year Biennale said:
“what should be an obvious fact: architecture is not building. Architecture must go beyond buildings because buildings are not enough. They are big and wasteful accumulations of natural resources that are difficult to adapt to the continually changing conditions of modern life”.
Wise words! There is one thing, in my opinion, that must be said: architecture as we know it, and I speak not only as an architect but also as a inhabitant of it, can be felt, seen, sometimes even heard, god how awesome is the smell of concrete after the rain! and, obviously, architecture can be touched! It is unfortunate that during the entire walk through the Arsenale's spaces, you could yes look at the pieces, photograph them, but you couldn't be an actual part of them. This piece for example was under glass so I am wondering: you want to make people dream, hope and think and you dont let them touch their possible probable future???