Snowy Taxes!

It finally came! This morning I woke up as usual with a coffee. Always in the kitchen with my gaze towards the world. Everyday from my window the world keeps moving. Traffic, people walking or drifting through this pseudo-urban town. This morning though it was different. It started snowing! What a beautiful start of the day! Looking outside I could see the traffic even worse than usual. People trying not to fall down on the snowy sidewalk. I was smiling and realized how the weather really changes moods. I adore the snow. It makes me happy! But I had to get ready to go to work. I am really close to it. 16 steps. A stair that divides my private realm from its public side. Happy! Happy until I opened the mail. My taxes arrived. I am sill happy about the snow...but my smile has faded! Damn taxes.