Think. Pause. Rewind. Organize!

I am drinking coffe and eating some dries bananas and I am already stressing out!! Right now, some thoughts are in my mind: I need to eat less since Christmas is coming and you all know how much you eat during those type of holidays. I'm organizing a dinner/party at my home this coming friday and the only things I know for sure are those related with the drinking part: good coctails (Americano, Negroni, Mojitos), amazing wine for the dinner (I will post the funky list as soon as I have it all planned out!), and the Passito for dessert. Obviously lots of water, but I have no problem since I do not have to drive afterwards. Anyway, the problem is what am I going to cook? Tired of pasta. But maybe homemade gnocchi will be great...but I am lazy! Roatbeef? Lamb?
I still have to go to our friends awesome farm to buy homemade icecream (no additives, no milk, biologic, super healthy). I was thinking about many other things for dessert but good icecream will do it! I found these german cookies in a store yesterday. They reminded me of my childhood and Christmas. It's funny sometimes how food takes you back in time through fantastic memories! Elisen-Lebkuchen. Stupidly, I didn't read what was in them, damn me! 3 ingredients out of 4 made me so sick I will never eat them again! But my friends love them, especially at 3 am with some grappa! So many things still to plan. I will have to concentrate and plan the night!