Life's drawers

I have to say that lately the many changes I brought into my life were really good. I sometimes see my life as a closet! How many times during the year you open your closet/wardrobe and realize that you need to put some order in it? How many times you ask yourself "oh my god, what was I thinking when I got this?" or "I need to be strong and just throw this thing away...I will not wear it aanymore anyway!" or "maybe I should put the t-shirts on the left side and the sweaters on the rght one" or "'s getting cold out there, maybe it is time to put the spring stuff away and finally bring out the warm winter clothes". Life is sort of the same thing! There comes a time during the year when you start wondering if things are ok, if instead of going on with a certain routine maybe it is time to change it, to evaluate if certain people are as you've always believed they were or if you simply need to put them in a box and give it to the Salvation army. Well, I am in the middle of the yearly cleansing routine! It is funny because I realize that these thoughts also come in other people's mind! Every morning, when I sit at my desk, before starting my workday I read couple of blogs. My friend form Manila, Mel, I guess did her cleansing!! She started a new way of looking at things, and it is nice to read her thoughts and see her daily amazing photographs. Then I read another blog from a friend of Mel. Paolo is such a creative person and this morning I was reading about his thoughts on the 80's generation (damn you are young!!!!)! I come from the 70's but I was smiling quite a lot reading it because it doesn't matter how old you are and where you come from, ultimately we all have sort of the same thoughts regarding life! And we all is fun! And when you realize it is not...just make it as such! Do the things you really love, read a good book, go to the movies, hang with people who respect you and share at least couple of your interests, enjoy your day! That's what I am doing right now. I had to do the yearly cleasing routine though! Cleaning and put some order throught the drawers of my life!
Photo: Lily Penelope. Sony Digital