Venice Biennale - The Arrival

There is something uncanny about Venice! Maybe it is because of its form that is very similar to a fish. Maybe it is because of its history. Or maybe it is about the many stories that it can tell from whatever perspective you look at it. Italo Calvino in its "Invisible Cities" understood it. Many different stories to talk about one thing. But I guess that can be said for any things.
But something was really weirdly uncanny this time.
There is this funny anecdote that I will never forget. Once, when living in the states, I asked a guy if he had ever been to Venice and he told me "yes, I have been there, but in Vegas"! I have to admit that the simulation of the real, the fake version of Venice in Vegas is very impressive. It is done with such a precision that I can understand that some go there at least to grasp the essence of this city. But it is not Venice, a very beautiful copy of it but yet it is not the original experience, with the smell of the sea, the feel of the seasons, ecc.
Friday, upon my arrival, something really strange got my attention. Something was unreal. There was a very artificial light coming from one of the small canals. So, I get there and this is what was there (image above). A very scary thought penetrated deeply in my brain. "This is not Venice! It looks more like Vegas! Is reality starting to reverse??? Is reality starting to simulate the fake, the simulation of itself????" Scary thought. In that precise moment you had no feeling of being in Venice. But then, suddenly, out of nowhere, a big-huge rat running like a maniac crossed the brigde. That was the moment that you knew: "ok, I am in Venice". Can you imagine a rat running through the Venice-Vegas-canal? No...!!!