With a Click I got my Kick!

Finally! I did it!!! I've never thought how a simple "click" could make my day! I work with computers all day long: projects, drawing, emails (personal and office), blog and all the other things I have to deal (or I deal with pleasure) during my daily routine. Work anf fun. Sometimes they are actually one thing. Sometimes not! I click my computer's mouse thousand of times daily. Consciously or automatically. I just do it. Yesterday though one particular click made my day! When the "send" button finally appeared I knew it was a one way thing! I clicked it...and my e-ticket came in 10 seconds later. Los Angeles I am coming back!


So, this is me (sketch by the artist I mentioned in the last post) ...contemplating my horizons! My near future! My trip to LA got me all excited! I will see my friends again, I will be hopefully feel at home for 10 days! Movies, museums, beach, concerts and the insanely junky lovable food I so miss! Tito's Tacos, Johnnie's Pastrami, Pink's, all juicy good stuff I don't find here!


I am looking around frantically! Around with my camera!! How many new details will I discover in my favorite city! LA never stop to impress. The "History of Forgetting" was how Norman Klein described it in a book. It's true. You get used to certain things, visually, perceptually, and even mechanically and then...booooom...one day you wake up and it is no longer there! Almost unbelievable here in Europe! But there...good...something new will always grow. A building, offices, a restaurant or a car dealer. New details=new experience.

So here I am! Waiting to be impressed again! Now that change has come...something new will grow. If it hasn't yet...well...I hope I will grow a little more.


I am into a kicking mood...ah ah ah! To tell you the truth...I have to prepare my taxes...I feel another type of kicking come in!!!